After 16 years and 6 months in advertising, I finally hung up my boots. Starting off as a Copywriter in November 1992 and progressing to a Creative Director in less than 6 years and then moving up the career chain to becoming a Vice President of one India’s largest Mid-sized ad agencies, its been one heck of a journey. Or should I say, a crazy journey. I have written ads, jingles, film scripts and plenty more. I have been here and there and seen this and done that. I have travelled across the length and breadth of India, from the deepest north to the deepest south and from the west coast to the east. I have also travelled to Malaysia and Sri Lanka. If there is something that I possess, it’s a ‘balding head with thankfully something inside’. And if there is something that I want, its ‘to see distant lands and write, write and write’. Today I am a Brand Consultant to those who need my services. I am also venturing into an area that I believe will bring me a truckload of rewards in the days ahead. I live in Bangalore, South India with my father and a small but beautiful family.

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